Detroit, Michigan

Get Connected and Advance Your Career

The ASPPA Benefits Council (ABC) of Detroit provides benefits professionals with opportunities for “knowledge and networking” within their local community.

With the ABC of Detroit, you’ll have access to local resources that will help you advance in your career and enhance your credibility with clients. Additionally, the ABC of Detroit provides opportunities for involvement on the national level through ASPPA.

Educational Seminars

Educational seminars on retirement and employee benefit issues that impact your business and your clients. Stay up to date on industry practices, changing legislation and regulations, and hear it first hand, delivered by nationally-recognized industry experts. It is a cost effective and convenient way to earn Continuing Education credits.

Networking Opportunities

Networking opportunities with professionals from diverse disciplines within your local community. Share ideas and develop meaningful, long lasting connections with other industry professionals. Deepen your understanding of issues that impact your clients, your business and the industry.

National Affiliation

National Affiliation with the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA); the largest professional organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the private retirement system. You’ll benefit from the knowledge, advocacy, credibility and leadership that ASPPA has to offer.